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Update and Refresh Your Home – Bathroom Remodeling

Renovations for the home are really common today. Sometimes changes are needed to fit a growing family, while older homes need work to be up-to-date and functional. While renovation costs can become burdensome, did you know that not renovating could cost you more?

Many real estate experts speculate that the bathroom is one of the most important factors determining the resale value of your home and one of the top concerns of potential homebuyers. Bathrooms can positively affect the value of the house by their luxurious features.

While every bathroom has a sink and bath tub and toilet, not all of them have whirlpool tubs, recessed lighting or extravagant features such as heated tile.

While the bathroom can be the most influential factor in a prospective homebuyer’s decision, unfortunately in used homes it is often a negative factor. The bathroom is one of the rooms that is hidden and can be closed off by a door, and unlike the living room or kitchen it is not visible and can often be ignored and not renovated until it is very out of date. The fact that bathroom renovations also tend to be expensive can influence a purchaser’s decision to pass or … Read More

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