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The Norfolk Broads river series

The Norfolk Broads river series are a chain or series of channels, rivers, ponds and lakes in the Norfolk area. Most of these rivers and lakes are navigable, a few are not. Some of the rivers in the Norfolk Broad series rely on the incoming tide and some are only for fishing and there is no boating permitted in those areas. The rivers and lakes in the Norfolk Broads can range from small ponds and channels to Larger rivers and lakes. The Norfolk Broads are a vast area with miles upon miles of rivers stretched out across the area just waiting to be travelled upon.

Within this vast area you have lakes such as the Oulton Broad and the Wroxam Broad. There are many more lakes along the way however these are two of the more common ones. Rivers lying along the stretch of the Norfolk Broads are the very lengthy River Bure, the River Waveny and the River Thurne. Again there are many rivers within the vastness of the Norfolk Broads but these three are the most referred to.

Why the Norfolk Broads?

The Norfolk Broads are extremely beautiful and tranquil to travel through … Read More

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